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1.What is the difference between the Free shipping option and the Best Way Shipping option? There is no difference in two shipping methods. The Free Shipping option is an option given when the customer has made a purchase over $25.00.

2. When will I receive my package? Orders are normally shipped within 48 to 72 hrs of receiving the order unless the order was made on a weekend or a holiday then it will be delivered on the following business day. USPS ground shipping is used and it normally takes within a week for shipments within the U.S. We are located in Florida, so orders on the East Coast will be delivered faster.

3. How do I track my package? You will be notified when the package is delivered by email, if you do not receive the email, the delivery confirmation number will be in the notes section for that order in your account. You can go to to check on the delivery status of your package.

4. The status of my package on says "Delivered", but I have not received my packageOur responsibility for delivery ends when we deliver the package to the shipping carrier here in the United States. Please wait a few more days to see if the package shows up, even when it says it was delivered and if the package still is not delivered, then if you have chosen the insurance option we will contact USPS to file a claim on your missing package.

5. Can I get insurance on my package? Only United States Customers can get insurance. You can get insurance on your order by checking the insurance option during checkout or by contacting us at and you will be sent out an invoice through paypal for the additional fees.

6. Why do the products look bigger or smaller then the actual product? We are in no way trying to deceit the customers on merchandise, we want everyone to be happy with the product. Photos can sometimes make items seem bigger or smaller then they normally are. If you want items based on size, please look on the product page for that item to see the actual size, which is displayed in inches.

7.What is the shipping cost for International orders? Shipping cost is the same as U.S. orders at the moment. But you cannot track your package once it leaves the U.S. No shipping is guaranteed regardless of the method of shipping you choose. Delays through customs, handing in local areas, on going theft in remote areas are NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF Hot Trendz. Our responsibility for delivery ends when we deliver to the shipping carrier here in the United States.

8.Why is my credit card being declined? The Credit Card Processing Companies checks for matching names, addresses, zip codes, and etc.., if something does not match the card may be declined.

9.Are the earrings sold in pairs? All earrings are sold in pairs, unless the product page states"single earring".

10. Do you offer wholesale prices? We are a retail website and do not offer any wholesale pricing. However, we do offer a 25% discount for orders over $150.00. If this is your interest, then contact us at to supply us with more details on your request.

If you have any additional questions there are a few ways to reach us: